Lamination: PVB and EVA lamination.

Our factory is equipped with 2 lamination lines. One for Pvb, Sentry Glass Lamination and Other for EVA Lamination.

A) Flat Lamination 

Our factory is well equipped with advanced Humidity and temperature controlled line which is mandatory requirements for Processing Pvb, Acoustic Pvb, Sentry Glass, Etc.

B)EVA Lamination 

Eva Lamination is mainly used for Curve Lamination, Mesh Lamination, Smart Glass, Bullet Proof Etc.
We do all Bullet Resistant Class Levels from BR 01 to BR 07 and Glass Maximum Thickness upto 85 mm.

Glass Thickness         : 8.76 mm to 85 mm  thickness.
Max Sizes                    : 2400*4200 mm
Production Capacity  : 24 pcs /Day.