Our factory is Equipped with Advanced Glass tempering Furnace which Provides tempering and Heat Strengthened Glass Process. Our machine can also perform Flat and Curve tempered glass ranging from 4-19 mm Glass Thickness which is also capable enough to process clear, Tinted, Reflective, Low E and Double Silver Products.
Our machine can produce the biggest size of Curve Glass in Qatar which is also capable to process all type of glass Products ranging from 6mm to 12 mm Glass thickness.

A) Flat
Glass Thickness        : 4-19 mm
Max Sizes                   : 2400*4200 mm
Production Capacity : 2000 sqm /Day.

B) Curve
Glass Thickness          : 6-12 mm
Max Sizes                     : 2400*3600 mm
Radius Max                  :1000mm
Production Capacity   : 60 pcs /Day.